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Enhance Fox Pro Mod APKEnhance Fox Pro Mod APK is basically a photo editor through which you can edit your photos. You might have seen other photo editor applications and may be using it e.g adobe lightroom, snap seed and many others. But enhance fox is not something like that.

Enhance fox is little different and has the most unique features which is rare to find in photo editors. Some people have old photos like a pic from the 90s but with the passage of time, the photo gets a little bit blurry or vanishes slowly. Enhance fox will help you to restore those images and make them exactly like one in good shape. So that you can keep your loving memories alive.

Details of Enhance Fox Apk App Full Version

App NameEnhance fox
App Size120 mb
App Version5.3.1
Android Requires5.0 and above
Offered ByRising cabbage
Last Updated17 sep, 2022

About EnhanceFox Photos Fixer And Remover App Apk

Enhance fox apk is a photo editor through which you can restore your old photos. This app has the most amazing features which are hard to find in other apps. In this app you can correct your images if they are blurred. The low-quality image will be enhanced. Not only this you can create anime as well as your photos. The best part of this app is you can also repair your videos.

Enhance Fox Pro Mod APK

How To Download And Install Enhance Fox Apk App

The downloading method for enhance fox apk is hassle free. There are no hurdles in downloading this app. Here are the following steps through which you can easily download this app.

Step 1) click on the download button of enhance fox and your download will automatically start.

Step 2) after the completion of download open the folder where the file is downloaded. Locate the apk file and open it.

Step 3) when you open the file , the installation will start.

Step 4) during the installation process , a box will appear on the screen. Now click on the allow unknown resources.

Step 5) after a little time the application will be installed. Now open the app and start editing your photos.

Features Of EnhanceFox Premium Unlocked Apk

Enhance fox mod has the one of the most amazing features that you will ever see. There are a lot of features of enhance fox. But we will discuss only a few of them here. So here are the following features.

Make Blurred Photos Clear

Sometimes when you get a photo it gets a little bit blurred. And it does not look so appealing. In this feature of enhance fox photo enhancer you can remove that blurriness and enhance your photo.

Enhance Fox Pro Mod APK

Enhance Video

Like the photos get blurred , sometimes the videos also get blurred and they are not of good quality. Enhance fox will help you to restore every detail of the video. And your video will look more attractive.

Enhance Fox Pro Mod APK

Colorize Black And White Photo

Now you may have a photo from the 90s which may black and white. If you want to see the colored one, that enhance fox will make it for you. It means your black and white photo will be converted into a colored photo. All you have to do is import the pic from the gallery to enhance fox mod apk. And click on enhance advanced and your photo will be converted into colored one.

Enhance Fox Pro Mod APK

Frame Rate Changer

In enhance fox you can also change the frame rate. There will be different frame rate options. You can choose any of them that is suitable for you. These are 0, 5, 12, 24, 30, 60 , 120 and 240.

Enhance Fox Pro Mod APK

Auto Detect

Some of the users may not be familiar with photo editing. And don’t know which option they should choose in order to enhance their photos. This auto detect feature of enhance fox is very useful for them. The AI system of enhance fox is so brilliant that you just have to touch on auto detect and it will automatically adjust and correct the faults in your photos. And your photo will be enhanced and look more appealing.

Enhance Fox Pro Mod APK

Scan Photos

In the scan photos option you can convert your hard images into digital ones. The enhance fox pro will scan your photo and it will be converted into a digital one. So that this picture can be sent to anyone.

Enhance Fox Pro Mod APK

Convert Image Into Animated

Enhance fox apk pro will convert the images of you into animated ones. This feature is so advanced in enhancing fox that you can even move the lips or make the image like it’s singing or talking. You can create a unique clips through this feature.

Multiple Languages

If you are not an english user or don’t know how to read English then don’t worry. Enhance fox has multiple languages that you can choose and use it accordingly. There are Chinese, Japanese, French and many other languages that you can use in enhance fox pro apk

Friendly User Interface

The interface of enhance fox app is simple and easy. You don’t need to be a photo editor expert to use this app. Anyone who is even a new beginner in photo editing or simply knows how to use a phone can easily use this app.

FAQs Enhance Fox Pro Mod

Is Enhance Fox Free?
Yes, the enhance fox apk is absolutely free. There are no charges in it. You can download it for free and use it. However in the app if there are some premium features involved. If you want to use them then you have to make some purchases.
Is EnhanceFox App Safe?
Yes, enhance fox is 100% safe and secure. It’s safe from all kinds of viruses and malware threats.


Enhance fox apk has one of the unique features that other photo editors don’t have. This app is the most popular app in the photo editor category. It has more than 10 million downloads. And the current rating of this app is about 4.6 out of 5. Which shows how much people love this app. And still, its users are increasing day by day. If you want to restore your old photos or enhance them then download the Enhance fox.

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